Two men attacked and robbed of a Audermars Piguet limited edition watch

Two men were assaulted and robbed of a valuable watch in East Grinstead yesterday.

The two attackers tried to make a quick getaway on a stolen black Yahama motorbike but when it failed to start and they dropped it to the ground.

They then forced another man from his car and drove off.

The Ford Mondeo was found a little later in a rural car park in Rabies Heath Road between South Godstone and Bletchingley in Surrey.

Detective Inspector Mark Cullimore says that the Mondeo had been driven hard and was seen smoking.

Two black men got out of the car and got into a black BMW that had been waiting in the car park with a driver at the wheel.

Police say the crime was well planned and describe the two suspects as in their late teens to early 20s, 5-foot 10″, with short hair and wearing dark clothing.

One of them was seen to be carrying a knife at the time of the robbery.