Woman fined over fraudulent housing application in Broadfield

A woman from Broadfield has been prosecuted for fraud.

28 year-old Pheonah Zhitonge applied to join the council’s housing register, claiming she was a single homeless person with no fixed abode.  On her application Zhitonge inferred she was staying with her sister, sleeping on a sofa at Langley Green.

The 28 year old applied several times and updated her status to staying the occasional night with friends at Seddon Court but still had no fixed abode.

Fraud Officers investigated and discovered she was in fact living in Broadfield as her main residence and postal address.  Zhitonge had been renting a room for the past two years.

She pleaded guilty to making a false application and for withholding information.

Zhitone was fined £150; ordered to pay costs of just over £1000 and a £20 victim surcharge.