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A Tribute to Pirate Radio – Fifty Years On.

“It was 50 Years Ago Today” is a special tribute show which looks back to the events of 1964-68 when ‘pirate radio’ stations Radio Caroline and Radio London were declared illegal after the introduction of the Marine Offences Act.

Susy stalwarts Jim Richman, an engineer on Radio Caroline North off the Isle of Man in the 60s and David Jay, an avid teenage listener in Surrey are retelling a well known story – with a run through the history of those years at sea, plus a taste of some of the ‘turntable hits’ of the day and the material which gave the stations their unique sounds: accompanied by some personal memories, which will be the original content in this view of a moment in time which was endlessly thrilling for those who were there, and which changed the faces of radio and of music for ever.

Although Radio Caroline’s North and South services are better remembered, not least because they battled on after being declared illegal, Radio London (‘The Big L’) was by far the biggest and most successful station, and it closed for ever at 3pm on 14 August 1967.

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