Dr Theodora Giokarini-Royal and Paula Tucker

East Surrey Hospital Doctor Shares Advice On Falls Prevention

Photo courtesy Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust: Dr Theodora Giokarini-Royal and Paula Tucker

A Consultant Orthogeriatrician and the Deputy Chief Nurse at East Surrey Hospital have shared some advice to help prevent falls.  

Dr Theodora Giokarini-Royal is clinical lead for falls, and has seen the impact a fall can have on people who come to the hospital. She advises that houses are decluttered and well lit, and stressed the importance of regular eye tests. A GP can arrange home visits from the community falls team who can give support to reduce the risk and incidence of falls.  

Paula Tucker, Deputy Chief Nurse at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust said that all falls can have a serious impact on physical and emotional health and confidence.

More information about falls prevention is available at: https://www.ageuk.org.uk/search/?q=falls

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