‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ at The Harlequin

‘Oh no it isn’t…. Oh yes it is!’ It’s back!

The traditional Christmas panto returns to ‘The Harlequin Theatre & Cinema’ this year.
The production tells the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk”.

Redhill’s favourite, Neil Wheatley, returns for a tenth season, playing Jack’s brother, ‘Silly Simon’. He is joined by professional dance champions and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ power couple, James and Ola Jordan.
Also returning for his 7th season with The Harlequin is the wonderful Simon Bashford.

All who attend are guaranteed a truly traditional pantomime with super festive family entertainment, as did Susy’s Neil Munday and Chrissy Muir who met up with some of the cast after the performance.

Chrissy talks with Simon Bashford who plays ‘Dame Trott’

Chrissy chats with Lucy Edge who plays ‘Princess Amelia’

Neil and Chrissy speak with James and Ola Jordan playing the characters of ‘Flesh Creep’ and ‘Glitterball Fairy’
Neil chatting with James and Ola Jordan
Courtesy of Chrissy Muir

Neil and Chrissy meet Neil Wheatley as ‘Simon Trott’

Neil and Chrissy meet Aaron Steadman who plays ‘Jack Trott’

For more information including performance times and ticket information, visit ‘The Harlequin Theatre & Cinema, Redhill’ website.

All images courtesy of ‘The Harlequin Theatre & Cinema’, Redhill except where stated

Dame, daisy the cow and Simon
Fleshcreep – James Jordan and ensemble
Fleshcreep – James Jordan
Fleshcreep and Dame
Fleshcreep and Fairy dancing – James and Ola Jordan
Fleshcreep and Fairy dream dance – James and Ola Jordan
King, Princess, Jack, Dame
Simon Trott and ensemble
Whole cast