Hannah and Molly – Ambassadors for “Jigsaw South East”

‘Jigsaw South East’ is the children’s bereavement charity that operates in Surrey and parts of West Sussex.

They are there for families who have lost a parent which aids the remaining parent to know the child is gaining the support they need as the parent comes to terms with the loss of a partner. They exist to enable friendships to be forged, to help the young people find their way through understanding at a pace that they are comfortable with.

The charity can be recommended by schools, teachers, carers or medical professionals or by the children themselves. This is where Molly and Hannah come in as young Ambassadors for Jigsaw South East as young people who have found life beyond loss and are happy to share their experiences.

This interview was very difficult for Susy Radio presenter Neil Munday who personally knew Stephen, Hannah`s father, who helped build Susy Radio in the early years – Stephen passed away 10 years ago on 2nd December. So to record this interview in the very same studio that Stephen broadcast one of his final shows from which the clip is taken, from the Susy Radio archive of that RSL (Restricted Service Licence) broadcast made the whole experience for Hannah and Neil very emotional.

Hannah and Molly were accompanied to the Susy studio here in Merstham by Hannah`s mum Dianne and younger brother Thomas.
Neil recorded the introduction separately from the main interview to remove the preasure from Hannah but it clearly becomes too much and Neil halts the discussion.

The family, Molly and Neil then spend time sharing personal memories, photographs of Stephen and Hannah is pictured pointing to Stephen her father in a photograph still on the wall in the Susy office. Neil conveys this at the end of the interview in a live tag on to the recording.

Susy radio would like to thank Hannah, Molly, Thomas and Dianne for allowing this interview to happen and would like to encourage you if you need help in this way to talk to Jigsaw. If you’re a young person, speak to your parent or carer or teacher in confidence and ask them to speak with Jigsaw South East.

Remember, you are not alone.

You can find out more about “Jigsaw South East” from their website https://www.jigsawsoutheast.org.uk

Please help Hannah and Molly in supporting ‘the Big Give Christmas Challenge’

Hannah is pictured pointing to a picture of Stephen, her Father