Susy Presenter, Neil Munday, lends a hand to the ‘Greenaway Foundation’

Susy Presenter, Neil Munday, recently honoured his on-air commitment and helped sort food hampers and presents in Crawley.

He interviewed Darren Greenaway, Chairman and Trustee of the “Greenaway Foundation”, about two appeals they run each year. “Christmas Hamper” appeal providing families nominated to them by various authorities to receive a Christmas food Hamper with all the essentials for a Christmas meal and the “Wishing Tree” Appeal where a young person’s wish for a simple gift is made true through the help of donations and sponsors.

Neil, during the interview, made a promise to go and help and broadcast live from the Oriel School located in Maidenbower, Crawley on the morning of Christmas Eve.

A 7am arrival at the school, still dark, but a queue of volunteers waiting for the first arrival of fresh chickens, cream and other perishables from a local supermarket to be added to the already sorted hampers of tinned food and vegetables that arrived the day before. The food is fresh and turned around quickly says the health and hygiene advisor or the project.

A system of numbers allocates the products to the hampers, people have been spoken to and food allergies checked, presents are added to the hampers and the volunteer army of private car owners and van drivers arrives with only 4 drops each and instructions on how to manage conflict, personal safety and abuse are sent on their way.

Neil accompanied one such delivery (he cannot go to a private house due to broadcast constraints and has to keep people anonymous) so goes along with the final delivery, the over supplied/ordered food to Crawley Open House where all is received with joy and will be redistributed through their own network of deserving people for Christmas.

Neil said afterwards to a colleague “it’s humbling yet enjoyable to see the community working for the community and to bring a smile to a young face and good cheer to the dining table at Christmas”.

During Christmas Eve Morning, Neil spoke with Jim Richman and Ellie P in the studio, live from Oriel School:

Neil speaks with Darren Greenaway:

Image courtesy of Simon