Crawley MP helps stop puppy smuggling

Crawley’s MP has joined forces with a charity to help stop puppies being smuggled into the UK.

With pet travel rules currently governed by the EU, Henry Smith has joined with the Dogs Trust and their Puppy Smuggling Taskforce to help in the battle against the thousands of young dogs being smuggled into the country every year.

The Dogs Trust has been campaigning for six years to get the Government to improve rules cracking down on the illegal trade in smuggling puppies.

Mr Smith said:
“I’m delighted to join the Puppy Smuggling Taskforce and support Dogs Trust in their efforts to raise awareness of and tackle the abhorrent puppy smuggling trade.
“At a time when demand for dogs in the UK has never been higher, I want to urge people in Crawley to really do their research before buying a puppy advertised for sale online, as it’s all too easy to be duped into buying a dog that’s been illegally smuggled into the country.
“Both Dogs Trust and I have been campaigning on this issue for many years now, and I’m proud to be able to say I’m part of the Puppy Smuggling Taskforce to help put a stop to puppies needlessly suffering at the hands of criminals.”


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