‘Local Radio Day’ organisers reflect on this year’s event

‘Local Radio Day’ is an annual event in which local radio stations across the country come together to highlight the value of local radio to communities and to celebrate the unique relationship between local broadcasting and listeners.

This year, the event took place on Monday, 12th October and Susy Radio was one of many stations to take part. You can read more about Susy Radio’s involvement HERE.

Dom Chambers is a well-known advocate of community media. Currently, he runs Somer Valley FM in Somerset, The local Radio Alliance and is CEO of the Somer Valley Education Trust. He is also a trustee of the Radio Academy. Dom has published a podcast in which he, along with others who helped in organising the event, reflect on this year’s ‘Local Radio Day’.

You will hear particular reference to the part Susy Radio played in two of the interviews which are featured.