Police warn residents after rise in Covid-19 vaccine scam

An elderly Surrey man with dementia was targeted by fraudsters claiming to be involved in the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

Only the arrival of his carer stopped the criminals who were among those currently carrying out a spate of similar scams in the county and across the country.

The gangs send emails and texts, or make phone calls and in some cases visit victims houses claiming to be involved with the vaccine rollout. Those targeted are directed to official looking websites and asked for personal details before being promised someone will attend to administer the vaccine. They then sell the details or use them to steal money.

Real NHS officials will never ask for bank details or arrive unannounced.

Detective Chief Inspector Rob Walker said:
“Preying on vulnerable people is completely unacceptable – and it’s even more callous when we’re facing the tough challenge of being isolated from our loved ones during a pandemic. Please check in with your elderly or vulnerable neighbours and loved ones – offer your support and keep an eye on who is visiting their homes. They might not be aware of these scams, so if you can talk to them and give them our prevention advice, it could make a world of difference.”

Image ©Surrey Police

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