‘Rebel’ the Rosy Starling – a rare visitor spotted in Crawley

‘Rebel’ the Rosy Starling is a rare visitor and has taken up temporary residence in a Crawley garden.

The owner of the garden, @LittleBirdy22 (Karen) has been posting regular updates on Twitter about Rebel’s activities.

He spends most of the day in the tree, and goes to roost with the flock of starlings which also visit the garden.
He has taken a liking to red seedless grapes!

The latest we have is that ‘Rebel’ has now moved on so if you spot him in your garden, or have any other news, please let us know #SusyWatch

Chrissy spoke with with Karen about her rare visitor:

You can read more about ‘Rebel’ on Karen’s Twitter timeline @LittleBirdy22

Feature picture: ‘Rebel’ the Rosy Starling courtesy of @LittleBirdy22