Take care while using disposable BBQs this Summer

Firefighters in West Sussex are reminding people to take greater care when using disposable BBQs this summer.

This comes after a fire broke out on a waste collection vehicle in Littlehampton. The fire was caused by hot disposable BBQ that was put in a bin and left to smoulder.

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service advise people to ensure the BBQ is fully extinguished before disposing of it.

Jim McGrath is WSFRS’s lead on waste fires. He said: “It is really important that individuals consider the potential consequences and the impact that BBQs can have if they are not disposed of carefully and safely.”

Damien O’Neill, Senior Business Manager at Biffa, said: “Refuse vehicles are a vital part of local services and can cost £150,000 to replace. Fire damage to a truck can also impact our ability to collect your rubbish and recycling. I would urge everyone to take care when disposing of used barbecues and make sure they are fully cooled before putting them in the bin.”

More safety advice and tips can be found on the West Sussex County Council website.