‘Tyra’s Charity’ – Woodfield School, Merstham

Photo credit: Tyra’s Charity.

Woodfield Secondary School in Merstham caters for the needs of over one hundred secondary school students with learning and associated difficulties.

The school is a registered charity (Charity number: 1026216).

Fifteen year old Tyra has a brother, James, who attends Woodfield School. James has Dravet Syndrome and is 16 years old, but has the mentality of a 4 year old. Tyra says that despite his mental disability he is developing and flourishing because of help received from this ‘amazing school’.

To add her support, Tyra has begun a fundraising project of her own, but at 15yrs old, she is a year too young to register her own charity. She has therefore created her own ‘Just Giving’ page “to try and have events and this JustGiving page so I can have a head start for when I turn 16.”

Tyra adds:
“The main reason I want to raise money for Woodfield is because of the students that attend the school and on a personal level I have met most of them and have been touched by their happiness and friendliness towards everyone despite their different disabilities.

I would love to raise awareness and money for Woodfield so they can have more school trips, a new minibus and more benches.”
Tyra has already managed to raise over £2,000 towards her target of £10,000.

Links to Tyra’s ‘Just Giving’ page can be found on Woodfield School’s Facebook Page:

Susy Radio’s David Jay recently spoke with this inspiring young lady:

Website: https://www.woodfield.surrey.sch.uk