Gatwick delays some of the worst

Gatwick Airport has some of the longest delay times of any airport in
the UK.

Figures for last year show the average delay time as 27 minutes, double that of East Midlands with an average time of 13 minutes.

Birmingham airport topped the list for having the longest average delay per departing flight, for a second year in a row.

The analysis of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) data by the PA news
agency considered all scheduled and chartered departures, with cancelled flights not included.

Figures showed that departures from Birmingham airport were half an hour behind schedule on average in 2022.

That was more than twice as long as the previous year, when it was also ranked last for punctuality.

When flights are significantly delayed, airlines are required to provide passengers with assistance.

This can include refreshments, accommodation and communication.

Detailed Figures
Birmingham (30 minutes)
Manchester (29 minutes)
Doncaster Sheffield (29 minutes)
Luton (28 minutes)
Gatwick (27 minutes)
Bristol (26 minutes)
Cardiff (24 minutes)
Edinburgh (24 minutes)
Heathrow (22 minutes)
Newcastle (21 minutes)
Isle of Man (21 minutes)
Aberdeen (21 minutes)
Leeds Bradford (20 minutes)
Southend (20 minutes)
Glasgow (19 minutes)
Stansted (19 minutes)
Southampton (19 minutes)
Bournemouth (19 minutes)
London City (17 minutes)
Jersey (17 minutes)
Belfast International (16 minutes)
Liverpool John Lennon (15 minutes)
Belfast City (15 minutes)
Exeter (14 minutes)
Teesside (14 minutes)
East Midlands (13 minutes)