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Catalytic convertor thefts increase

East Grinstead has recently seen an increase in thefts of catalytic convertors.

Police are warning vehicle owners in the area to remain aware after 6 were stolen from outside their owners address.

The thefts took place overnight between Thursday the 5th of December and the following morning. All of the cars were large family style people carriers.

The converters were removed by pipe cutter from the underside of the vehicles and police urge anyone who drives that type of vehicle to be extra vigilant about leaving them unattended overnight on the roadside.

Anyone who sees any suspicious activity around cars parked overnight is asked to call 999. If you have any other information, contact police via 101 or email ‘[email protected]‘quoting serial 0376 of 6/12. You can also call independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

Increase in fraudster scams

An increasing number of reports of fraudster scams have been reported to surrey police.

On each occasion the victim receives a phone call from someone claiming to be a police officer tell them that their card has been compromised and that they need to call the bank and cancel it.
They then say that a courier will be round to collect the card.

Meanwhile, the fraudster stays on the line, leaving it open and obtains the victim’s bank details while they think they are phoning the bank. A courier – sometimes a taxi – calls at the victim’s address saying they have been sent by the police to collect the parcel.

If you’ve received any calls of this nature, please call Surrey Police on 101

More information available from the Tandridge District Council website

The Lagan

In what will be their third appearance on the show, The Lagan will be coming into the Susy Rocks Live Studio to talk about their latest venture, an all day gig at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston called ‘Cockstoberfest’.

They will be chatting about the gig, playing music from the artists performing on the day and as if that wasn’t enough, there are giving away a signed copy of their album ‘Where’s your Messiah now?’ as part of our new feature ‘Baking Bad’.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we have the best local and not so local music you’ll find anywhere in the world (In our opinion, probably a bit of an exaggeration).

Tune in 7-9pm, tell a friend, it’s going to be rather splendid!

Love & Light