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Reign In Blood

Back on 6th October 1986, thrash metal pioneers Slayer unleashed their third studio album ‘Reign in Blood’ on an unsuspecting world. The album was the band’s first release on a major label (Def Jam) and defined the thrash metal genre.

The album was critically acclaimed and commercially successful although the artwork and lyrical content meant that it received no airplay and Def Jam’s distributor Columbia, refused to release it. It fell to Geffen records to release the album although due to the controversy, it never appeared on their release schedule.

Now you’re probably thinking, why are Susy Rocks Live celebrating the 27th anniversary of the release of ‘Reign in Blood’? It’s simple, it’s a bloomin’ great album and we wanted an excuse to play three Slayer songs back to back!

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SUSY Veteran Car broadcast

SUSY’s outside broadcast team were out in force on Sunday, 3rd November for the 2013 London To Brighton Veteran Car Run