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Susy 103.4 Launched 15th July at Noon

Susy launched on Sunday 15th July at 12 noon, broadcasting to Redhill, Reigate, Horley, Gatwick, North Crawley and the surrounding villages.

Programme Controller, Geoff Rogers says: “We started our full programming schedules on Sunday 15th July and are here to provide a proper local radio service for the community that we are licensed to serve. We promise listeners an excellent line-up of shows from some first-rate presenters.”

Chairman, Neil Munday, comments: “We’ve had some hold-ups along the way and we won’t be just keeping ourselves in the confines of the studio but getting out and meeting the community, just as we did on virtually every day during the recent Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.”

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Susy Passes Ofcom Inspection

On the morning of Friday, June 8th, at 10am, Ofcom attended the Susy Radio transmission site on Reigate Hill. Testing and compliance checking was carried out in the presence of our Chief Engineer John Stockley and Susy Radio Chairman Neil Munday.

Over a period of several hours, the transmitter was switched on and off on 103.4FM, all specifications checked and figures recorded from the transmitter and RDS unit. The final result is that Susy Radio’s transmission kit has passed inspection and we are good to begin full test transmissions which we will commence very soon. Watch this space for details.

Neil Munday – Chair

Susy Jubilee Roadshow at Redhill Memorial Park

On Saturday June 2nd, the first of the Jubilee Weekend’s Susy Roadshows took place at Redhill memorial park. Run by the Outdoor Sound Company and Neil Munday, a great day was had by all.

A special thanks to all that helped out on the day, including Natalie,Osborne (she’s the one with the tasteful hairstyle), Chris Spring and Shan Robins. A few photos below, more to come later.




Jubilee Weekend Susy Roadshows

With the Jubilee weekend almost upon us, you’ll know that Susy Radio is going to be out on the road on no less than three of the four days of the holiday.  Our chair, Neil Munday will be providing the roadshow with his Outdoor Sound Company, together with Susy Presenters including Natalie Osborne, Chris Spring and Geoff Rogers.   You are most welcome to attend, enjoy the events, and say hi to the Susy Radio Presenters who will be there on the days.  It does promise to be a brilliant weekend of events.

The events are listed below:

Saturday 2nd June
Location: Redhill Memorial Park
Show: 10am to 4pm

Sunday 3rd June
Location: Priory Park, Reigate, with Loveworks

Monday 4th June
Location: Priory Park, Reigate.
Torchlit Evening Procession and Fireworks
Show: 9pm to 10.30pm (approx)

So there we have it, not yet on air but still three massive events involving Susy Radio.  And there’s more to come. Keep your eyes peeled here and on our web and social media sites for more information.

Ofcom confirms frequency Clearance of 103.4FM

We are very pleased to confirm that at long last, we have been given frequency clearance for 103.4FM by Ofcom.  This means that though we will now miss the planned date for launch of 1st June, we have a clearer roadmap leading to our launch.

Following an inspection by Ofcom to ensure our equipment is of the right specification (lead time approx 2 weeks from this date), we will start a month of tests, around the end of the second week of June.  Assuming all these are successful, we plan to launch in mid-July – official dates to be confirmed as soon as is possible.

We appreciate that this is frustrating to everyone, but at least now we see a clear path to our launch before too much more time elapses.