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Chrissy M’s song – Roll The Dice

***NEWS UPDATE – 17th November 2014***
I am currently working on a four track EP under the name,
“Chrissy M”

Earlier this year, SUSY Presenter, Chrissy M suddenly had a “flash of inspiration” as a song came into her head, and she set about thinking of recording it. Over the next few weeks, she kept her listeners up to date with the progress of her song, and with the valuable help of some friends, particularly at Panther Studios in Reigate, she set about getting it professionally mixed and produced.

She recently visited Panther Studios for the last time for a final “mixdown” of her song, and the published track can now be heard here.

© Christine Muir

Further to Chrissy’s studio singing exploits, she has been asked to join local band Madfish as backing vocalist and Bassist….a chance she has jumped at :o)

The video for ‘Looking For Another Girl’, filmed at Merstham Village Club, will be out in a couple of months.
Also a NEW single ‘Stay With Me This Christmas Time’ will be released in November of this year.

Photos of the new band line up can be seen on

Local photographer and drummer in local band ‘Split Pearl’,
Angelica Felis took the new band photos on the day :o)

Chrissy M can be heard every Tuesday and Friday
10am – 12pm on SUSY Radio 103.4 and online