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Change of half-way stop for Veteran Car Run

The London to Brighton Veteran Car Run holds pride of place for many people in their calendar. It is an opportunity to line the 60 mile route from Hyde Park to the seafront cheering on hundreds of pre-1905 manufactured vehicles.

This annual event commemorates the Emancipation Run of 14th November 1896.

It celebrated the passing of the speed limit for light locomotives from 4mph to 14mph and abolished the need for these vehicles to be preceded by a man on foot, carrying a red flag.

This November will celebrate 118th anniversary of the very first run.

Yet has it lost some of its spectacle?


Susy Radio has learned that the location of the half-way stop in Crawley will be moved this year.

For the past 19 years it has been in High Street. Now it is heading to the London Road. A change of coffee stop from the historic George Hotel to the modern Honda dealership, one of the event sponsors.

Over the coming days Susy Radio will be exploring this change. Is it for the best, a necessary move improving the experience, or are we looking at a loss of tradition?

Rt Hon Henry Smith MP for Crawley spoke with Susy Radio’s Natalie Osborne on hearing the news for himself.

Story by Natalie Osborne

Chrissy M meets MADFISH

Local band MadFish appeared with Christine Muir in her programme on Friday, 21st March.

They are bringing out a football anthem in the run up to the World Cup called ‘England‘ to be released on the 19th May.

They are filming a video for this at the Jolly Brickmakers, 60 Frenches Road, Redhill,
on the 30th March at 1pm
and say anyone can come along and be part of the crowd as part of the making of this video.

Hear MadFish talking with Christine if you missed it:


Here’s their facebook details: