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Veteran Car Run – Ben Cussons

Over the past week Susy Radio has been looking into the change to the route of the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run when it reaches Crawley.

For the last 19 years the half-way stop has been held in the historic High Street. This year it will be moving to a car dealership on London Road.


Ben Cussons, Chairman of the Royal Automobile Club Motoring Committee and Chairman of the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run steering group, spoke with Susy Radio’s Natalie Osborne about the change:

Story by Natalie Osborne

Veteran Car Run – High Street

We continue our look into the change to this year’s Veteran Car Run.

Susy Radio learned of a change to the half-way stop in Crawley, from High Street to London Road.

This event has been ongoing for over a century and so tradition is very important.

However it is also an event which must adapt to meet changing needs – and it has not always driven through the High Street.

At the start of the week we heard from the historic George Hotel, agreeing there was a need to move because of a lack of space.

Today we hear from people in the High Street.

Nikki Cheek from the Brewery Shades, John Kneller, a local resident and Sham – manager of Ask Italian, all spoke with us about their concerns.

We have more on the Veteran Car Run throughout the week.

Lucy’s Last Wish

LucyLastWishWhen a competition winner on Saturday morning breakfast mentioned this event on air during his moment on air, Presenter Neil Munday was so moved by what the event was all about, he promised to attend that afternoon.

Travelling to the “Shelley Arms” in Broadbridge Heath, Near Horsham, Neil met not only his competition winner “Iain” but was able to see the event in full swing raising money in such a fantastic community way to help a family. Neil caught up with the event organisers Tanya and Ann who agreed to record an interview which Neil used just after 0935 on Sunday breakfast.

Here is the actual log copy of the live piece including the Interview with Tanya and Ann.

With very special thanks from Neil.

Susy Radio has since learned that £1,436.70 was raised at the Shelly Arms event. Congratulations to all on this great achievement.