Jack Hawkins

Hi I’m Jack Hawkins!

As a newcomer to Radio, when I first began, It all seemed very complicated! But the excellent help and tuition I received from some of the shows regular presenters got me my own Drive show every Tuesday 4pm till 7pm!

jack-hawkinsI’m a big music lover, I’ve always been told I was born into the wrong era, with my love for artists like Led Zeppelin, Queen Or The Rolling Stones! I mean who else do you know who is 17 & still collects vinyl!

I also love to talk. So when you combine the two, you get a great combination for someone on radio. Radio is a big interest of mine and not just the chat, the info & the music. I’malso interested in how it all works, the softwares & the technology involved that all come together to make one great local radio station!

So thank you to each and every one of our brilliant SUSY listeners! Always keeping our show on the road! Keep it 103.4 with me Jack Hawkins!