Alan French

Hello and thanks for popping by my page. I’m Alan French (Big Al), and currently the Chair of Susy Radio Ltd, as well as a member of the broadcasting team.

Although I do spend a lot of my time working behind the scenes, currently you often find me covering breakfast shows on Thursday and Fridays as well as the occasional ‘Drive Time’, both of which I enjoy enormously as at times they can prove quite challenging.

I grew up in and around the Susy area; Redhill, Reigate, Merstham, South Park and Crawley so it is good to see many of my old haunts are still there.

Before Susy gained its full time Community Radio Licence some of you may know I presented programmes on many previous Susy 28 day broadcasts. As well as attending a radio school I also have previous broadcasting experience in Uckfield, Worthing and Reigate and was, for over 7 years, a presenter and Chairman of a Hospital Radio station, during which time I have helped some former presenters get into the radio industry.

Musically I have a wide spectrum of interests which include; Pop, Classical, Orchestral, Big Band, Country, Rock and Easy Listening, to name but a few. I am a great one for lyrics so many ballads would find their way into my top ten, but that keeps changing. There are some great singer/songwriters out there; too many to choose so just keep listening to many of the great songs you will find on Susy.

I was asked for my likes and dislikes, so I will try to answer some of that. I don’t like curry or should I say curry doesn’t like me, I love chilli, pasta, sausages, potatoes in all styles and, yes even salads. I am more of a country person than a city person and really enjoy great scenery and some of the beautiful coastal areas we have in the UK.

I hope you’ll be able to join me from time to time on air, so until the next time, take care