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Neil Munday’s special programme honouring HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

The death of Prince Philip, who was married to the Queen for more than 70 years, was announced by Buckingham Palace on Friday, 9 April 2021 aged 99 years.

Neil Munday presented a special programme that evening commemorating the life of The Duke of Edinburgh.

Guests include:

MP Henry Smith – Crawley

Rev John Kronenbourg – St John`s Church, Redhill

Louise Camby – local resident East Surrey

Mike Gregory – Area Leader, Federation of Small Businesses / Building Custodian, Adult unit of St John Ambulance, Redhill.

Mr Shahid Azeem – The High Sheriff of the County of Surrey

Tributes paid locally by church Bell Ringers

Saturday at midday St John`s Church, Redhill began tolling a single tenor bell 99 times as a mark of respect to HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh. Susy Radio`s Neil Munday was invited to join the Bell Tower Captain Anne Rueff and her assistant Tom to climb the stairs to the loft and the ladder to the Belfry and witness the bells first hand.

What a climb up a stone tight narrow spiral stair turning several times, remembering the social distancing and whilst wearing a facemask starting to gasp a little – maybe I’m just unfit!

The top of the stairs entering into a chamber, quite a pleasant room with ropes falling through turned bezels in the ceiling leading to every one of the eight bells. Bell sequences displayed on the wall and light entering through the small tower windows.

Anne explains how the bell needs to be muffled on one side of the clapper to give a two tone sound each way the bell turns one way soft, one way loud. Explains how the bell has to be set in position because of the odd number the bell mouth being swung to the upright position which is explained with the use of a small working model.

Tom arrives, scrambles into his overalls a little like a Le Mans driver waiting for the running start, he`s off up the ladder nimble footed 3 points of contact into the belfry with the muffler a leather pad. I’m allowed to ascend the ladder to the top but no further. I must not enter the belfry a dangerous place, Tom is up his experience showing as he goes over the steel beams like a gymnast on a bar, dropping himself into the “Pit” the space beneath the bell on the far side, out of my view to fit the muffler.

I descend the ladder followed by Tom who secures the hatch. Anne then sets the Bell in motion building momentum 5, 6, 7 swings and its set bell mouth up. We await midday!

Neil Munday

Media © Neil Munday

Jamie Mathias

After getting into a band from a drunken night, Jamie Mathias singer-songwriter from Brighton has built himself a mass following across social media of over 70,000 fans.

Chris Jacobs caught up with him on the Friday Breakfast Show, to talk about his new release ‘Who We Are’ and how we all want to be in a pub garden right now.

Social Media
Facebook: @jamiemathiasmusicc
Instagram: @jamiemathias
Twitter: @JamieMathias

Images and video courtesy of @jamiemathiasmusicc

Andrea Dee

After growing up in Paris to where she is in London now with a few stops on the way including the likes of New York and Las Vegas.

Chris Jacobs spoke to Andrea Dee on Friday Breakfast about how these experiences have made her the artist she is and her unconventional album release.


Social Media:
Instagram: @theandreadee
Facebook: @theandreadee
Spotify – Andrea Dee

Pic and video © Andrea Dee


‘Complex’ started writing out lyrics as a teenager and then originally joined the group Dr Clique in 2009 when moving to Hereford.

Now stepping out on his own, he is an avid storyteller through his music in particular personal experiences that have affected his life.

Susy Radio’s Chris Jacobs caught up with him on the Friday Breakfast Show on his experiences and brand new release ‘Timezones’.

Social Media:
Twitter: @cpx_music
Instagram: @cpx_music

Ravin’ Rach

Ravin’ Rach DJ is an up and coming DJ who, since lockdown started last year, has been entertaining her fans via Twitch on Friday Nights.

Last week she was on the Friday Breakfast Show with Chris Jacobs talking about where it all started and plans for the 1st Anniversary.

Facebook: Ravin Rach DJ Stream

Image courtesy of Ravin’ Rach