David Jay

David JayI always hoped that one day I might have a go at radio, but if you’d said to me when Susy launched in 2012 that I’d become a 103.4 fixture three days a week, that the Afternoon Stroll would become a feature of the station, and that my old rotund black pussycat Winston would become a radio star, I’d have laughed. But that’s how it turned out.

The ‘Stroll’ from 2-4pm on Tuesday to Friday afternoons, with loads of local information, the Teabreak at 3.20, and at 2.30 the Word From Winston, has become a central feature of my life and I couldn’t be more delighted. I’m especially pleased that local people and organisations have a regular afternoon voice live on air in our Teabreak interviews. From matching wines and cheeses to reinvigorating the High Street, to raising charitable funds, and to the work of groups offering support to those in difficulties, I hope the topics we tackle contribute to Susy Radio’s increasing success as real local radio for the community which it serves.

As for the many new friends and colleagues I’ve made at the station: they’re a great bunch of people. With them, and on the air, I’m enjoying an entirely different life from the one I led before.

Thanks as well to each and every one of our listeners and contributors. Winston and I hope you’ll carry on strolling with us far into the future.

You keep it 103.4!