Shan Robins

I think I first got involved with Susy Radio when they broadcast a one month RSL from the RNIB school in Redhill (although it might have been the one before); writing, recording and also reading live news 8 hours a day. I moved onto presenting a Country show and any other shows they’d have me on. Sadly I live too far out of the area (for work) to broadcast regularly but you can hear me on Bank Holidays and occasional weekend cover.

ShanMy first radio experience was for Hospital radio in 1998 down in Dover, Kent and since then I’ve broadcast on Biggles FM, Susy Radio for many years, breakfast show co-host for Space Station Mossley near Manchester interviewing over 30 live national guests, a Saturday breakfast show ‘Shan & A Man’ and midweek ‘Woman’s Half Hour’ for The Source FM in Cornwall as well as briefly producing/presenting traffic and travel, plus news for Radio Jackie including interviewing the mayor of Kingston live on Christmas Day 2009.

I’ve had work experience with Mercury FM in Crawley, Pirate FM in Cornwall, ITV West in Bristol and worked for Sky News as a stringer overnight in Brighton for the 2010 elections.

In 2010 I qualified for an MA in multimedia broadcast journalism after going to University College Falmouth as a mature student. I love interviewing people and wanted to know my onions so that I could be more professional and one day maybe I get to do it professionally.

I’ve lived around Crawley Down and Crawley for over 20 years; working away in Hong Kong, Kent, France, Sweden, Yorkshire and Lancashire. I’m currently based out of the area, down in Dorset for work (couldn’t get a job locally after qualifying) but thanks to the marvellous invention of t’web can listen and participate in the local community online.

I’m passionate about the community and want people to be inspired by hearing about anyone else who is passionate about the what they do or are involved in. I love extreme sports from the comfort of an armchair and can be seen running in a time of crisis, like if the cake shop is about to close.