Tracey Franklin

I started in radio at the age of 14 at Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells, visiting the wards and presenting request shows. This led to helping at BBC Radio Kent outside broadcasts where I have many happy memories of being out and about at local events during the summer months. On leaving school I went to work for the BBC World Service as a Production Assistant on current affairs programmes such as The World Today and Newshour. It was all very addictive and for some years I was involved with all three of the above at the same time! In the early 90s I changed job roles and trained as a Studio Manager based at Broadcasting House working on the operational side of news and current affairs programmes on the BBC domestic radio networks.

My life then changed when I left the BBC, moved to Surrey, got married and had children, and completely forgot about radio for 21 years!

I’m pleased to have found radio again and have been with the Susy Radio team since 2015. I enjoy working with the news team, writing and reading the local news and occasionally co-presenting Breakfast and Drive. Volunteering for the community radio station that serves the area where I live is very rewarding and I feel a sense of pride when I hear colleagues interview interesting guests and involve the local community in their shows. I have been a Director of Susy Radio since 2017.

I don’t get a lot of spare time around family life, volunteering at Susy, and working full time for the NHS, but when I do, I can often be found planning my next holiday!