Sussex cricket remembers former player

Sussex Cricket says it is saddened by the news of the death of its
former player David Stripp, at the age of 88,  on Friday 12th May.

On the website Patron of the Sussex Cricket Foundation Stuart Simmonds writes:

The various websites and statistics packages will tell you that he
played twelve first class matches in the mid 1950’s, but in truth those figures alone do not paint the true picture of just how talented a sportsman David really was.

Born and raised in Crawley Down, he was arguably the most talented all round sportsman that the area has ever seen. David was taken on to the MCC ground staff at Lords in his teens as well as being an outstanding goalkeeper.

Of course, stories are often embellished as the years roll on, but David was simply peerless as a cricketer in the non league structure that almost all clubs played in alongside the formative years of the Sussex League.

Following a short spell at East Grinstead, he had little time for league cricket and so returned to Crawley Down, which to be honest was probably unfair to the players on the competitive local circuit at the time.

Many times as a youngster, I witnessed sides virtually beaten before
we’d even reached the changing rooms, such was his reputation and
ability. He was the supreme all rounder and both sides knew it. However, there was very little arrogance to David and so much more to him if you took the time to listen to what he had to tell you.

For me, along with Mick Mason, he was the perfect person to take me under his wing and made me realise that if I opened my eyes, there was more to life than Crawley Down Cricket Club. He alone would continually tell me that I should try to see how far my talents would take me and that if it didn’t work out, I would always be welcomed back. In all the places and leagues around the world that I managed to play, I simply would not have been able to get there without his help and guidance.

Sometimes in life it seems we’re blessed and privileged that our paths might happen to cross certain people. With David, it was my great fortune that he gave me his time and knowledge, which along with his company and friendship, is something for which I will always be eternally grateful.

Rest well Stripper.