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Jane Green FRAS – Astronomy

Astronomer, Jane Green, spoke about the Spring Equinox, the planet Mercury which is currently the furthest it gets from the Sun ‘greatest elongation’ and how to spot it at low elevation in the Sky and 2 Comets the first of which is  Comet 12P/Pons–Brooks begins this month north of the Great Square of Pegasus, pass by Earth, though not visible to the naked eye.

Alison Dollery & Paul Ackerley – Finding Place

Alison Dollery is a visual artist and curator and along with Paul Ackerley, creative director for Creative’s Across Sussex spoke about the ‘Finding Place exhibition which opens on 22nd March in Crawley

For more information about Alison Dollery, Contemporary Visual Artist please click on the image below

For more information about Finding Place please click on the image below