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Jane Green FRAS – Astronomer

Astronomer Jane Green spoke about the enormity of space talking about really big stars, helping us get to grips with the sheer size of what’s “out there” along with where Venus is in the May night sky along with looking out for some noctilucent clouds.

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Jane Green FRAS – Astronomy

Astronomer Jane Green FRAS spoke about viewing the night sky in April with the Lyrid meteor shower and the movement of Venus being just a couple of the highlights along with a Pink moon in the middle of the month and the European Space Agency’s trip to Jupiter set to launch later this month and not due to arrive at its destination until July 2031.


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Alison Dollery & Louise Blackwell – Creative Crawley

Artist Alison Dollery and Louise Blackwell creative director at Creative Crawley talk about the vibrant local arts scene, the Manufactured Body Exhibition and the Creative Crawley showcase at the Ancient Priors on Crawley High Street.

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