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Dusting off the “cobwebs”…

It’s the time of year when Susy Engineers take kit out of service for maintenance and testing.

This weekend, as the weather is mild, is the turn of the Outside Broadcast Roadshow trailer which is loaned to Susy Radio by the Outdoor Sound Company and Chair Neil Munday.

Neil says
“good preventative maintenance and inspection helps the new season run smoothly.
Ok, the odd issue arises along the way but things do with a mobile unit containing 200m of Audio cabling. The unit has to be checked for road worthiness and safety plus, and fixings and fittings checked for security”.

SUSY Radio is lucky that Neil is a trained engineer from the sound and lighting industry, and also a qualified electrician – so knows his way around an XLR !


The OB trailer:-

-Has 360deg windows
-Is twin Axle
-Is plated at 2 tonnes but runs on average at 1.7tonnes The 4×4 used to tow the trailer is equipped with a tachograph the same as a lorry!
-Has it’s own fuse box
-Has a 6m Clarke hand pumped mast for the transmission antenna
-Is able to operate completely independently of the main studio.

Flooding chaos in Horley

Winds of over 60mph and torrential rain brought disruption to both roads and rail travel in the Surrey and North Sussex area in the days leading up to Christmas.

These pictures taken at Langshott in Horley are typical of the chaos caused in the SUSY Radio area.

Pictures courtesy of Dave King