Schemes begin in Surrey to promote cycling and social distancing

A series of temporary schemes to encourage cycling and support social distancing on high streets have been announced in Surrey.

They will be installed over the next few weeks with the expectation of being in place for around 12 weeks, although this could be longer if there is significant support. They will all be regularly reviewed and adjusted if necessary.

A programme of vegetation clearance to keep pavements, footpaths and cycleways clear will also be carried out.

Schemes are already in place in Farnham town centre, where pavements have been widened; Godalming, where the High Street has been closed to traffic; Shere, where parking in the village centre has been removed to give more space for pedestrians; and in Reigate where new cycle parking has been installed.

The work is costing £848,000 which is being equally funded by the county council and the government’s Emergency Active Travel Fund. A bid for a second tranche of measures worth £6.785 million will be submitted to the government next week.
The county council has also recently announced an extra £200,000 for Bikeability to reduce the cost to parents and schools for the cycle skills and safety training.

Matt Furniss, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “I would like to thank all the residents who have contacted us with ideas to support more cleaner and greener travel across the county. While the schemes range from wider pavements to more bike parking, I hope they will really help people to get out and about and maintain social distancing.
“We would also appreciate your feedback on the schemes, to make sure they’re working for all road users.
“There are multiple benefits to encouraging walking and cycling – including improving physical and mental health. And if there are fewer cars on the road we can also ease congestion and improve air quality.”.

The schemes in Surrey are:
Install additional cycle parking in The Street and outside the shops in Craddocks Avenue.

Make the High Street one way in the northeast-bound direction between Cedar Close and Park Street to create additional space for pedestrians

Install additional cycle parking outside the shops in High Street.

Extend footpath to provide more cycle parking at end of Church Walk. Also provide more cycle parking on Croydon Road outside shops.

In Guildford Street, there will be a temporary suspension of parking areas to create additional space for pedestrians. On Windsor Street, on-street parking will be removed on southern/south-western side between Guildford Street and Alwyns Lane to widen the pavement.

Potential advisory pedestrian one-way scheme on pavements in the town centre.

Additional cycle parking will be installed in South Street and High Street.

Remove parking bays in the High Street to allow creation of wider pavement on northern side of the road between Church Road and Hummer Road.

Pavement widening on the northern side of the High Street.

Pavement widening along High Street and North Street.

Improved cycle links around the town.

Removal of one lane from Esher Road between Hersham and Esher to provide improved cycle lanes and pedestrian crossings.

Additional cycle parking outside the post office.

Temporary closure of the High Street to vehicles on Sundays to give space for pedestrian and cyclists. Temporary planters to be installed to widen pavements.

Cycle parking improvements in Station Road West, Station Road East and Gresham Road.

Provide additional cycle parking and improve cycle route signing around the town centre.

West Byfleet
Temporary closure of Camphill Road at the railway bridge to provide additional space for pedestrians. Also removing the guard railing from the pavement at Station Approach and Old Woking Road to give more space for walkers.

Closure of Baker Street to all motorised vehicles part way along to create two separate cul-de-sacs. This would support Baker Street being used as a cycling and walking route, and support social distancing near the shops at the narrow end.

Create wider pavement on eastern (Guildford-bound) side by reallocating cycle lane under Victoria Arch in the town centre.

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