Sean Orr – Menshare – New Listening Group in Horley

Sean Orr is the founder of Menshare listening group.

With groups now established in Crawley and East Grinsted a new group has just been started in Horley.

All MEN are welcome to come and join, there is no pressure for you to interact, if you wish to listen this is welcomed also. You are encouraged to share what is life for you at the moment, this is so you can be supported and feel heard by other men who may be also going through something similar to you. The gift of sharing reveals other ways of thinking and feeling lighter for communicating with others.

For more information about Menshare please click on the link below

The new Horley listening group will take place every Tuesday from 7pm at – Horley Baptist Church

289 Ct Lodge Rd, Horley RH6 8RG