The Sussex Music Festival 2018

On Saturday 28th July, Copthorne rocked to the sounds of the “Sussex Music Festival“, raising money for “Young Epilepsy“.

Neil Munday took his magic party bus (OB unit), and hosted a three hour show from the event along with Chrissy Muir, chatting to the bands, and various attendees, also taking live feeds from the stage, and our acoustic tent.

If you missed it, hear again this dynamic duo in action with some very talented artists!

Part 1: 12-1pm
Ryan from “Emnibis”; Sabrina and Compere, Russell, chat to Chrissy; Live stream of the “Harry Evans Band” on stage.

Part 2: 1-2pm
“Echoes in Red” chat to Chrissy. Neil chats to the ladies from “St Piers Young Epilepsy’s School and College” in Lingfield. Live feed of “Hungry and the Hunted” and Libby Elias.

Part 3: 2-3pm
“Hungry and the Hunted” chat to Chrissy. Libby Elias chats to Neil. Live feed from “Emnibis”. Amber Titchener live. Neil chats to crowd members including Cllr Rex Whittaker, the Mayor of East Grinstead.

The Sussex Music Festival

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Young Epilepsy
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Chrissy and Neil at The Sussex Music Festival
Neil and Sabrina
Harry Evans Music
Echoes in Red with Chrissy Muir
Hungry and the Hunted
Libby Elias
Amber Titchener
Credit: Jym Beech (White lightning images)