Man Sentenced after Double Crawley Murder

Daniel Appleton
Image: Sussex Police
A man convicted of two counts of murder has been sentenced to life in prison and will face a minimum of twenty-six and a half years.

Thirty-eight-year-old Daniel Appleton of Crawley Down, was found guilty of killing his wife Amy, along with a passer-by Sandy Seagrave in 2019.

Three psychiatric assessments considered Mr Appleton to have experienced a brief psychotic episode at the time of the killings. Minute traces of a psychoactive substance similar to LSD were later found in samples of his hair and nail clippings.

Mr Appleton accepted responsibility for the killings but stated he did not use drugs. However, the jury determined that drug use was a factor in causing the psychotic episode, which led to the deaths of the two victims.

Amy Appleton and Sandy Seagrave
Image: Sussex Police

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