New scanner installed at East Surrey Hospital

A new scanner has been installed at East Surrey Hospital after a donation of more than £100,000.

Image: Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

The money was donated by the Friends of East Surrey Hospital and has been used to purchase a special scanner which measures bone density and can be used to help check for fractures, measure BMI and determine whether patients have, or are at risk of osteoporosis. The DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorbtiometry) scanner cost £109,000 and replaces one which the hospital has used since 2007.

Richard Burford, Chair of the Friends’ of East Surrey Hospital said: “I am very pleased that Friends have been able to replace our 2007 scanner with a new machine courtesy of a generous legacy and that we have continued to support the Hospital despite COVID-19 restrictions.”

Michael Wilson, Chief Executive of SASH, added: “This new scanner is excellent news for local patients. I am extremely grateful to the Friends’ of East Surrey Hospital for providing the funding and our teams for working hard to make this happen. We are privileged to have had terrific support from the Friends’ for many years and I would like to thank everyone involved.”

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