Local Radio Day 2022 – Merstham Community Hub

Local Radio Day is an occasion to not only celebrate but also to strengthen the connections that local radio brings – to communities, to industry professionals, and to individuals. It was originally created in 2015 and brings together local stations on a national level.

Every year that passes, local radio feels ever more important. It was even more important during the pandemic where it united communities and was able to keep its listeners in touch with information which was relevant to where they lived.

The theme for this year’s Local Radio Day is ‘celebrating the sound’.

Merstham Community Hub is operated by the Merstham Community Facility Trust (MCFT), and its mission statement reads that it was:
“….created to meet the needs of the people in Merstham. We aim to support, connect, and empower our community alongside the residents. We aim to achieve this through working with an amazing team of staff and volunteers to run multiple projects, to bring people together and providing a shared, safe space for the community. The activities, events and projects undertaken by the MCFT team help to create opportunities, access, provision and shared understanding. We ensure we remain inclusive and authentic by consulting with the community to identify what the community would truly like to see available at the Hub and in the local area.”

Susy Radio was delighted to visit the Merstham Community Hub and find out more about what takes place there. Susy’s Neil Munday hosted a live programme meeting some of the members of the community involved with the Hub.

Grateful thanks are extended to Merstham Community Facility Trust for their generous hospitality.

Photos courtesy of:
Neil Munday
Graham Norris
Marcus Fulcher