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Happy 9th Birthday to us!

At midday on 15th July, SUSY Radio celebrated nine years of full time broadcasting to the communities of East Surrey and North Sussex.

Following two trials in 1994 and 1995, SUSY Radio began its campaign for a full time local community radio service in 1996.

A licence was subsequently granted authorising full time broadcasting to the area which commenced on 15th July, 2012 at noon.

Read more about our story HERE

A rare vintage clip of the legendary Ray Alan with the famous Lord Charles appearing at The Belfry, Redhill during the very early days of SUSY Radio.
Ray used to live in Reigate with his wife, Jane, and was a strong supporter of SUSY Radio during the campaign for a full time licence.

Archive courtesy of Ian Rennison

Covid: Managing feelings about lockdown easing

Many of us struggled to maintain our mental wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In full lockdown things might have felt more certain or predictable, but now that lockdown restrictions are easing things might feel less clear. It can feel stressful when things are changing, and it takes time to readjust.

Lifting of restrictions can bring about new anxieties and challenges such as restarting a business, visiting vulnerable family or friends, feeling safe or even understanding the new guidance. You may worry about there being an increase in COVID-19 infections or have anxiety about having the vaccine. The world may seem unsafe now, whether or not you felt like this before the pandemic. You may be grieving for people who have died, or from other types of loss, such as the loss of a job, opportunities or a sense of community.


► There’s no ‘normal’ response to changes to lockdown. Your feelings may be affected by lots of things that are out of your control.
► Your feelings might change. You might feel one way one day, and another way the next. It might not feel logical.
► You are not alone – it’s ok to ask for help for your mental wellbeing.
► There is a wealth of information, support and advice you can access: Healthy Surrey website or MIND

It’s ok to ask for help for your mental wellbeing, you are not alone. To find local services and tips on self-help go to
Healthy Surrey website or MIND

Article by Reigate and Banstead Borough Council

Nominations invited for Volunteer Awards

An incredible 700 people in the borough of Reigate & Banstead volunteered at some point in the past year to help the local communities respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As part of the recent national Volunteers’ Week, the Council is launching its newly branded Reigate & Banstead Volunteer Awards to celebrate the role of the borough’s many volunteers and show appreciation for their time and commitment to helping others.

Individuals and teams can be nominated in five categories, including a brand-new Crisis Response Volunteer category, to recognise those individuals who supported the local community to ensure vital services and support, such as food, medicine and calls to vulnerable residents, were delivered to members of the community during the pandemic.

Mayor of Reigate & Banstead, Cllr Jill Bray, said:
“Never has volunteering been more important than it is now. It’s thanks to the selfless contributions from many individuals in our borough that our most vulnerable communities have felt supported and looked after in some of the most challenging of circumstances.”

The annual award scheme, now in its eighteenth year, was set up to recognise the unrewarded heroes who do a great amount of valuable work for the borough and its community and to show appreciation for their selfless service. The scheme is organised by Reigate & Banstead Borough Council in partnership with Voluntary Action Reigate and Banstead (VARB) and were previously called the Mayor’s Volunteer Awards.

Alisdair Semple, Trustee of VARB, said:
“In our charity’s 25-year history, we have not seen anything like the multi-generational response to help and support those most in need that we’ve seen in the past year.

“What an incredible time to shine a spotlight on those that served, to note something of their contributions and to celebrate the silver-linings of generosity and kindness under pressure that have been shown by so many.”

To nominate, visit or email [email protected] to request a nomination form. Alternatively, contact VARB by emailing [email protected] or calling 01737 763156.

The closing date for nominations is Wednesday 30 June 2021. Successful nominees will be invited to a special awards ceremony in September at The Harlequin Theatre & Cinema in Redhill, subject to Government guidelines at the time.

‘Rebel’ the Rosy Starling – a rare visitor spotted in Crawley

‘Rebel’ the Rosy Starling is a rare visitor and has taken up temporary residence in a Crawley garden.

The owner of the garden, @LittleBirdy22 (Karen) has been posting regular updates on Twitter about Rebel’s activities.

He spends most of the day in the tree, and goes to roost with the flock of starlings which also visit the garden.
He has taken a liking to red seedless grapes!

The latest we have is that ‘Rebel’ has now moved on so if you spot him in your garden, or have any other news, please let us know #SusyWatch

Chrissy spoke with with Karen about her rare visitor:

You can read more about ‘Rebel’ on Karen’s Twitter timeline @LittleBirdy22

Feature picture: ‘Rebel’ the Rosy Starling courtesy of @LittleBirdy22

Kilmarnock Horse Rescue – Beginnings or a sad ending?

Carol with ‘Captain Tom’
It is possibly something that many of us think about, but what happens to a Racehorse or a Military horse when it is retired from service, or a horse owner is diagnosed terminally ill but needs to ensure their beloved animal is cared for, maybe a horse needed convalescence for malnutrition? Lots of questions when the phone rang and a lady, so passionate for her project spoke ending the conversation with “we may lose everything”!

It was a bright Saturday morning on the 20th March that I responded to my invitation to visit Norwood Hill, a small tranquil part of the East Surrey countryside within the boundaries of Mole Valley, yet London Gatwick Airport is visible only a few miles away and the few aircraft departing gleamed like great eagles as they rose in height yet far enough that it was silent, with the birds twittering in the surrounding trees. A gated entrance welcomed me, beyond that a small collection of field huts or transportable stables set in a horseshoe shape, A small cat came and said “hello” as cats do brushing around my lower leg as a lady approached waving and saying “Hi Neil, welcome to Kilmarnock Horse Rescue”.

Carol Jackson is the founder and chair of The Horse Rescue that moved here a few years earlier from an industrial site on the donation of a small piece of land to continue their good work. I`m guided in and immediately all the residents popped their heads out over their half doors, The horses almost smiling if that’s the right term and pleased to see someone different, Carol explained that they normally see children with learning difficulties during normal times, some on the autistic spectrum. The horses were rescued by the centre on the request of police forces or individual owners rather than be put to sleep. It’s a retirement home for the horse, fresh hay, a dry stable and good company sounds a welcome prospect but animals don’t have voices, we two legged humans are the animal’s voice in horse rights!

But amongst this wonderful situation all is not as it seems. It seems advice was given saying transportable structures would be acceptable, then planning was demanded, which was refused before it made committee consideration, an appeal is being made, in the meantime an eviction notice has been found attached to the gate. The passion to save the centre is strong, invites for councillors to visit in a safe socially distanced manner have been offered but no one has come. It seems during this pandemic I am the first to visit, ask questions, take pictures and record an interview with Carol. I can I`m classed as a key worker acting as a reporter for a broadcaster but councillors and planning members can in the course of performing their duties. The green belt is unfortunately being built on, bricks and mortar everywhere but with an airport parking company close by, an events company just yonder is not a few mobile transportable field shelters acting as stables for up to twenty four rescue horses in keeping with the countryside. Or is this townies that think they know? That’s the question.

I spoke to Carol at length, I`ve had to re-record my questions due to a levels glitch working with a boom pole with the mic on the end but Carol`s answers are in their entirety.

I learnt at the conclusion that it was Carol`s birthday that day, That showed me her passion, being at the stables making sure all her residents were clean, groomed, fed and watered and awaiting me to do the interview.

Let us hope this is not the end but the beginning of another chapter we will know more in the next few days.

© Neil Munday

Social Media and support information
Facebook: @kilmarnockhorserescue
GoFundMe: Kilmarnocks Fight Fund
Change.Org Petition:
Help save Kilmarnock Animal Rescue from eviction
Email: [email protected]