Better Health – Every Mind Matters

COVID-19 has impacted the whole country; for almost everyone, life has had to change fundamentally. Research shows that since the start of the pandemic there has been an increase in a range of mental health conditions for adults, from low wellbeing, sleep problems and anxiety to depression.

But there are things that people can do to support their mental health and wellbeing at this time.

On 18 January Public Health England launched the “Better Health – Every Mind Matters” campaign to support the nation’s mental wellbeing with the encouragement that “When things aren’t so good out there, make inside better”.

As part of the campaign, a free NHS-approved ‘Mind Plan’ has been developed. Over 2.6million people have already created one of these personalised plans that provide practical steps they can take to help manage the current external pressures on their mental health and wellbeing.

There are simple things we can all do to look after our mental wellbeing. Take the short Mind Plan Quiz from ‘Every Mind Matters’ to get a free NHS plan, full of tailored tips and advice to help you manage stress, sleep better and boost your mood.

Begin your quiz on the NHS website by clicking on the picture:

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