Appeal launched following Jordan Heights Scout Camp break-in

Jordan Heights is set within a secluded area on the side of Reigate Hill.

Named after a former Guide commissioner and used for guide camps up until almost a decade ago the Campsite, set on National Trust property was taken on by the scouts providing a safe camping place with many activities including archery and climbing. The grass plateau is surrounded by woodland with a small outdoor Chapel set into the trees and perfect for traditional camping and survival skills to be learned. Access is on foot up some steps then a newly laid back trackway. Certainly a test on fitness on arrival.

Jordan Heights Scout Camp is a registered charity, locally run by a team of volunteers.

The break in was a few weeks ago and a lot of work has been completed to restore the site to its former glory after storage boxes were ripped open, fences torn down, lighting smashed and solar panels damaged. This has been a significant set back, and an added burden to an already hard working team of volunteers.

Spencer Mitchell (Warden)
Photo credit: Neil Munday

The Warden, Spencer Mitchell following in his father’s footsteps as a warden (his father warden of Reigate Fort when that was a Scout site), is very passionate about his duties and the site has been improved and tidied for the scout camping season.

Spencer spoke with Neil Munday:

He has asked if people can support the site with donations or physical help and more details of the help required can be found on the Jordan Heights Scout Camp Facebook page, along with information on how to donate. Spencer can also be contacted by email at [email protected]