Sussex Wildlife Trust: ‘Be Tick Aware’

The Sussex Wildlife Trust is warning people to be ‘tick aware’ and says sensible precautions should be taken now that Summer is here. 

Some ticks carry bacteria which can cause Lyme disease which produces a bullseye rash and flu-like symptoms.  Among the steps walkers can take are to wear long trousers, walk on clearly defined paths and avoid brushing against vegetation.  People should check themselves and their clothing after visiting the countryside.  Dogs should be checked too.  Ticks can be removed with fine tipped tweezers or a special tick removal tool. 

The Trust says that ticks, which feed off the blood of birds and mammals, can be found in long grass and woodland, and also in parks and dog walking areas. 

Ticks are most active from May to October especially in warm weather.  

Further information:  UKHSA Leaflet – ‘Be Tick Aware’ and Lyme Disease Action