Ian Rennison – a Radio Man, a Yorkshire Man, and a Lover of Cricket

Today we say goodbye and celebrate the life of Susy Radio Director, Ian Rennison, whose funeral takes place today. 

Ian’s involvement in community radio goes back around 30 years.  He became involved in Redhill’s first local radio stations, Jubilee FM in 1994, and the following year, at Trust FM.  

Ian was someone who very much worked behind the scenes, mainly in IT, and was rarely heard in front of the microphone. He volunteered not only at Susy Radio but he was also part of the team who set up Uckfield FM, now known as Ashdown Radio.

A rare photo of Ian Rennison in front of a microphone.  Pic courtesy of Neil Munday.

After many years volunteering at Uckfield FM, Ian returned to Susy Radio and joined the Board of Directors.  Susy Radio’s Programme Director, Geoff Rogers, has known Ian since his early radio days:

With Ian’s wide range of experience in community radio, many of his friends will miss his dry wit and considered thoughts.  Susy Radio’s Chairman, Alan French, told me about the respect he felt for Ian:

Ian Rennison was a very private man; he has been described as a radio man, a proud Yorkshire man, and a lover of cricket.

All who knew Ian at Susy Radio send our condolences to his family but we also celebrate the friendship and professionalism he exuded to all.








Ian Rennison during his Uckfield FM days.  Pics courtesy of Gary King.