Construction Work Begins on Caterham’s Croydon Road

Pic credit:  Tandridge District Council.  Picture shows artist’s impression of Croydon Road post-redevelopment.

Construction work on Croydon Road in Caterham is due to begin today.  The work will take around eleven months to complete.

A site compound will be created in Timber Hill Park for the construction company to use.  This will mean the suspension of some parking bays in Timber Hill Road. 

From the end of February a traffic management plan will be in place which includes traffic lights and partial road closures. 

Tandridge District Council says the work will include essential surface water repairs, planting more trees and greenery, and amendments to parking and bus bays.

Residents will still be able to access shops and businesses along Croydon Road.  The Council warns there will be some noise, and sometimes the crew will have to work overnight to reduce disruption during peak times.