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High Court victory is Plane Justice

Chris Quinlan spoke to Tim Bowling about Plane Justice’s part in the successful High Court action against the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) Route 4 Gatwick flight path.

In 2016 the CAA decided to bring in new Sat Nav technology (rather than the previous beacon system) and changed Route 4 to a new route for a consultation period. This meant planes now flying over villages such as Newdigate, Salfords, Leigh, Horley which lead to over 12,000 complaints from local residents.

Several groups formed to try overturn the flight path changes, one of which was Plane Justice, headed by Chris Quinlan.

Route 4 decision quashed

Despite petitions and lobbying campaigns the CAA eventually decided to make Route 4 permanent. Plane Justice took them to the High Court and following a judicial review the Route 4 decision was quashed. Gatwick Airport and the CAA will now look again at the route of the flight path.

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East Surrey Macmillan Cancer Support Centre celebrates

East Surrey Macmillan Cancer Support Centre has celebrated two years providing sanctuary to cancer patients.

It offers a wide range of help and support including counselling, financial advice, image workshops and more.

Annie Whitmore spoke to the Centre’s manager Shelagh Sheldrick.

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If you want to offer your services as a volunteer therapist get in touch with the Centre on 01737 304 176

East Surrey Macmillan Cancer Support Centre

Recipe for Success: Annie Whitmore chats to The Ashley Centre

Do you have a favourite recipe that you’d like to share with Surrey residents?

An exciting new publication is being put together by The Ashley Centre in Epsom.

The Centre’s publicity officer Mary Zoeller spoke to our presenter Annie Whitmore about this special type of recipe book which will benefit local charities, the Epsom Guide Dog Fundraising & Donations and the Sunny Bank Trust.

There were some problems with the phone line which added to the fun!

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If you want to put a recipe forward you can contact [email protected]

the Sunny Bank Trust
Epsom Guide Dog Fundraising & Donations
Epsom Guide Dog Fundraising & Donations

How to make the most of Veganuary

Local resident and businesswoman, Rachel Lowe of the vegan food website, chats with Susy Radio’s Tess Lewsey about Veganuary (vee-gan-uary), an international initiative to encourage people to try tasty vegan food for the month of January, and hopefully beyond. Around 150 thousand people in the UK are expected to participate in 2018.

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Take a look at the website where you’ll find a link to sign up for the monthly newsletter to get Rachel’s latest information, ideas and recipes.

At the end of January, she will be releasing a budget meal plan which will be available FREE, so if anyone would like to sign up to her website, they will hear about this programme when it is released.

Listen On Demand: The Horley Singers Christmas Concert

Susy Radio’s special Christmas Day broadcast of The Horley Singers Christmas concert from Horley Methodist Church and introduced by Neil Munday is now available to Listen On Demand on

The Christmas Concert was a mixture of festive songs performed by the Horley Singers with congregational carols for everybody to sing along with raised funds for After Breast Cancer Group.

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